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Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo

Interactive maps that provide a clear and useful experience for your audience

Fast and efficient maps are a must have on a smartphone, but remain a challenge. With Wemap you enjoy a turnkey frontend built for the end user.

A mobile first user experience (click to full screen, clusters, swipes, « around me »…)

Mobility-driven services (navigation, offline access, share, bookmark, etc.)

mobiles with open detaled pinpoints and a Wemap map

A professional platform to build interactive maps

With Wemap pro tools and Wemap documentation create maps, add content, customize your product in few lines of code or clics. Multiple innovations for a seamless user experience: augmented reality, offline map, etc.

iOS and Android SDKs

JS SDK for web-first integrations

User experience: augmented reality, offline, etc.

Wemap Pro

Build interactive maps that provide the best user experience on the web and mobile

Content-rich maps on any device. With our fully-fledged mapping creation tool: no need for costly developments.

A rich and convenient user's experience

Proven on 300 million+ sessions

Maximize the audience's engagement

mobile and iPad view in detailed open pinpoint on Wemap map

Innovate with Wemap technologies

Our maps embed many innovations: contributive maps, automatically connected app, indoor map, offline map, augmented reality.

Tailored to your needs (itineraries, layers, map styles)

Augmented reality

Offline support

Available via Wemap's JS SDK and mobile

Leverage the power of the Wemap platform

Connect your content with ease

Create and deploy your maps in minutes

Enrich your maps with content and services

Monetize your map's usage

mobile with connexion screen to media

Add interactive maps
to your travel guide

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