Interactive Indoor Map and Navigation

They use Wemap Indoor

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Representation of wemap customers logo
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Give your audience a super power to explore your indoor spaces

Seamlessly create and publish smart maps of your indoor spaces including wayfinding and augmented reality.

Multi-floor indoor maps with best-in-class User Experience

Augmented reality exploration and navigation

Multiple services based on your information: search, itinerary, etc.

Wemap Indoor technology

Exclusive technology to offer a stable and precise orientation and navigation, in any environment (station map, airport map, store map) and without hardware requirement, leveraging smartphone sensors and camera.
Using Wemap you can guide your audience to your products, events, points of sale within an intuitive, immersive experience.

Multi-floor maps with seamless navigation, including indoor <-> outdoor (station map, airport map)

A more precise indoor position: thanks to our proprietary fusion technology leveraging PDR, trileteration (beacon, Wifi), image recognition, SLAM and map maptching

A WYSIWYG tool to create and style the maps of your indoor spaces

A visual search engine for your venue

Search combined in AR view and search engine on the map

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Search engine and filters to explore your content

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All your data is indexed: places, POIs, events, products, etc.

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Orient yourself in a simple gesture: raise your phone

Leverage the power of the Wemap platform

Connect your content with ease

Create and deploy your maps in minutes

Enrich your maps with content and services

Monetize your map's usage

Enrich your spaces with interactive maps !

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