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Give your audience a super power to explore your indoor spaces

Create and publish seamlessly interactive maps of your indoor areas, including wayfinding and augmented reality.

Integrate multi-level indoor maps with a rich user experience : station plan, shopping center plan, store plan

Step by step navigation combining maps and augmented reality

Multiple services based on your information: search, itinerary, etc.

Wemap Indoor: technologies

In order to ensure stable and precise wayfinding and navigation, in any environment (station map, airport map, store map), Wemap has developed a proprietary positioning engine that will adjust to your existing infrastructure (Bluetooth, WiFi) and that will also leverage smartphone sensors and camera.
Using Wemap you can easily guide your audience to your products, events, points of sale within an intuitive and immersive experience.

Proprietary fusion technology leveraging PDR, tri-lateration (Beacon, Wifi), QR code positioning, SLAM and map matching

Seamless navigation in a multi-level environment, including indoor and outdoor areas

Compatible with all leading IPS providers

Provide the best experience and services

2D and 3D maps with media-rich POIs, areas, search engine

Accurate localization thanks to opportunistic indoor positioning engine

Itinerary and step-by-step navigation with an inclusive experience (disabilities)

Advanced services: office and room availability and booking, events, local transportation, etc.

A professionnal tool to make the most of your space

Build a branded product, style your map with a WYSIWYG tool

Easily manage your content (POIs, areas, filters, etc.) with Wemap API and Wemap Pro online tool

High availability in any setting: offline mode for your events, automatic map update

Deploy your maps on all your channels: mobile, kiosk, website and web-app via SDKs

Case Study

The Roland Garros stadium



118 places


The map is part of the Roland Garros app, helping users find their way around the big sport complex

3,96 of engagement


275 places

2 languages

A visual search engine for your venue or event

Search combined in AR view and search engine on the map

Search engine and filters to explore your content

All your data is indexed: places, POIs, events, products, etc.

Orient yourself in a simple gesture: raise your phone

Effortless navigation in the most complex spaces with augmented reality

Instant orientation with AR compass to facilitate indoor navigation

Easy-to-follow instructions right from the camera

AR and map combined for a seamless navigation experience

Smart routing technology for easy step-by-step navigation in the most complex spaces

Vision based positioning: indoor localization without infrastructure

Proprietary VPS algorithm for fast and accurate positioning

Fast positioning for visual search engine and for navigation

Simple capture process to create sparse 3D point cloud

Available on mobile and on the web

Leverage the power of the Wemap platform : online indoor mapping software

Connect your content with ease

Create and deploy your floorplans in minutes

Enrich your maps with content and services

Monetize your map's usage

Enrich your spaces with interactive maps !

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