Open store sign and store front

A store locator that works: boost traffic to your points of sale

Offer a high quality and functionnal interactive map maximizes the trafic of your shop

On any screen, a simple and efficient store locator

Interactive Map and content in synch in real time

Guaranteed UX and UI thanks to Wemap components

Rich interactive map with image and videos

Simplified search and filters

mobile screen view of map with Intermarché

2 in 1: your store locator doubles as an ad format to acquire foot traffic

A map ad format boosts visits to your points of sale

Center on the user's location

Points of sales and products in the vicinity

High conversion rates

IAB standard format (landing page, pre roll)

An end-to-end navigation, to your products

Wemap interactive map with augmented reality navigation, on a simple store locator

Intuitive orientation

Unique end-to-end navigation technology

Available both for the web and mobile native apps

Better shopping experience and more purchases

mobile with indoor navigation inside market store

Shopping mall plan: a better experience for the shopper

Offer an interactive map on a touch screen terminal or augmented reality guidance from a simple shopping center map.

Indoor positionning

Customized mall maps

Service's highlights

Easy manage tools

Try wemap store locator

Footer banner with person shopping and navigating with mobile

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