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Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo

A powerful suite of tools for developers

Alternative to Google Maps, Wemap offers powerful APIs and SDKs to create and deploy interactive maps: map display, geocoding, content synchronization, etc.. Leverage all the benefits of the Wemap platform (User experience, content & map combination, apps integration) on an industrial scale.

iPad with code and Wemap map

Core Wemap Services

Publish your interactive maps with your content at scale, no limitation


Build paths between your points on the map or let your users get directions


Add coordinates to your adressed content, add adresses to your points, let your audience search by location with Wemap geocoding service.


Offer your interactive maps with your content, even when there is no connectivity with our offline documentation

Wordpress plugin

Use Wemap directly from the WordPress CMS

Developer resources

All the resoures you need to start building with Wemap

Libraries and SDKs

Streamline the integration of your interactive maps in your environment using our JS API or our Android and iOS SDKs.


Wemap JS


Wemap IOS


Wemap Android


Use our REST API to connect to the Wemap environment and start building interactive maps with your content. Use our geocoding API.


Rest API






We partner with reknowned providers to make their services and content available in the Wemap platform







Your maps at scale

Rely on a rock solid infrastructure.
Serving geolocated content at scale can be challenging. Serving the map’s background is only a small part of the equation, you also need to deliver the content reliably when your traffic grows, and accurately track user engagement. Wemap has extensive experience addressing all these issues, and is trusted by the world’s leading players to serve their traffic-intensive maps.

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Add an interactive map to your website

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