A super power for your users through Augmented Reality

A seamless interactive map+AR experience: a browser for the real world

Guide your audience in surrounding information and provide the most natural orientation and navigation experience. An innovative and useful service, without costly development.

Mixed reality: a visual search browser

Map and AR are seamlessly combined

Orient yourself simply by lifting the phone

They use Wemap AR

Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo

Geo augmented reality available in a few clicks, both in web and native environments

With Wemap provide a combined map and augmented reality experience, without additionnal developments, even from a simple webpage.

Exclusive! Available on the web: map + AR combined in the browser

Available via Android & iOS SDKs

Extra stability and orientation quality thanks to proprietary tech

A unique AR exploration and navigation technology both for indoor and outdoor use

Exclusive fusion technology to offer a stable and precise orientation and navigation, in any environment and without hardware requirement, leveraging smartphone sensors, PDR and computer vision.

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immersive experience: orient the audience easily

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step-by-step navigation in augmented reality

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works seamlessly in indoor and outdoor environment

A visual search engine for your content

Search combined in AR view and search engine on the map

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Search engine and filters to explore your content

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All your data is indexed: places, POIs, events, products, etc.

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Orient yourself in a simple gesture: raise your phone

Leverage the power of the Wemap platform

Connect your content with ease

Create and deploy your maps in minutes

Enrich your maps with content and services

Monetize your map's usage

Add an AR-ready interactive map to your mobile app

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