Interactive maps for a better
transportation experience

They use Wemap to power their mobility services

Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo
Representation of wemap customers logo

Facilitate your users' movement: simple and powerful interactive maps with a routing engine

Seamless experience from search to step by step navigation

All transportation channels integrated into a unique experience

Turnkey synchronization for real time transportation data: transit time, availability etc.

Accessible navigation : person with reduced mobility, person with a disability

Interactive maps customized with rich content and services

Interactive maps and contents styled to your brand

Rich content (POI, course, areas,) easily integrated : imports, connectors, using third-party sources

User services : location, search, filters, real-time informations, routing engine

Case Study

Le Havre


JC Decaux



JCDecaux and the city of Le Havre have deployed interactive screens with Wemap to facilitate the information for the travels and the visitors. Maps and step-by-step navigation are accessible smartphones by simply scanning a QR code.

10 actions per session


124 places

1 out of 2 routes switches to the phone

Promote your transportation services on all your channels

Crossplatforme for all screens and integrations : web SDK, mobile SDK, API

Wemap available on your interactives screens in public areas, with switch back to the phone

Distribution of your transportation offer in a few clicks on your partners spaces : local authorities, tourism actors, media, etc.

Exports for printed maps

Your users are getting lost and are waisting time !

With Wemap :
Orientation in a second, identified stops, transition facilitated by combining map and augmented reality

Instant orientation and intuitive navigation with Augmented Reality

Orientation in a second to move in the right direction

Visual search engine to find stops at a glance and explore the surroundings area

Simplified step by steb navigation in the most complex spaces

Available in mobile and on the web

Make indoor connection and travel easier

Interactive map multi-floor for your complex spaces

Indoor and outdoor itinerary, adapted to PMR

Indoor location with your IPS and Wemap positioning by vision

Geofencing and geocaching notifications for localised and advanced services

Integrate interactive maps with multimodal transport in your mobile

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