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Wemap · Smart maps

A brand new information experience

Wemap · Smart maps

Rich experiences and practical services: what's next in local information

With Wemap you easily add smart maps to your channels: provide a superior local information experience your audience will love.

Wemap is made for you

Your audience needs to know what is happening around them, on the ground, not in the cloud. You need Wemap.

Wemap got you covered

From a manual map to unlimited smart maps on an industrial scale with multiple applications, the Wemap platform has everything you need.

Wemap Kiosk
Wemap AR
Wemap Mobile

Your smart maps provide a superior experience, on any environment. Guaranteed.

Wemap Engine
Wemap Pro

Our professionnal CMS or devtools to build with Wemap, with no hassle.

Google Sheets

A suite of apps to build maps with the right content and services for your users, in a few clicks.

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