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Interactive maps, augmented reality: with the Wemap technology give your users a superpower, on any device.

A no-code online platform and developers tools to provide inspiring and useful maps for your audience, easily.

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Beautiful maps with your personal design both in raster, vector or 3D versions. Tiles hosted with our optimized infrastructure for fast delivery.

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Add your buildings or indoor spaces to the map, with labels, custom styles, points of interest and navigation.

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Overlay markers in all shape or forms: icons, image thumbnails, etc. Clustering for better UX and increased performance. Seamlessly convert your content into POIs with the Wemap API.

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Rich polylines for pathways, trips and itineraries: with rich steps, attached media, indexed content, contour lines, etc. GPX and GEOJSON integrations.

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Polygons tied to rich content and with multiple rendering options, for a complete map experience: choropleth for data vizualisation, buildings, 2D and 3D assets. Import from a variety of formats and manage your layers for each map.


All the Search tools your audience expects: add geocoding and address search, search as you type on your POIs, filters and calendars out of the box. SEO: leverage our Indexing engine to gain traffic with your map.


Step-by-step navigation in any environment (indoor, outdoor) and with mutiple transportation modes. Plug your custom routing engine. Prodive navigation on the map and with augmented reality.

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Improve the blue dot and deliver an accurate position in any environment, using our computer vision and signal fusion algorithms.

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Developer or not? Build with the Wemap tools - with no hassle

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Wemap Pro

Wemap provides a no-code publishing tool to create and manage interactivemaps, import or connect your content and manage your affiliate services. All with a few clicks.

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Our suite of devtools (API Js/API Rest, SDK Android et IOS) give you superpowers to create and integrate maps with your content on your channels.


Create rich interactive maps with our no-code solution. The power of an advanced mapping software, in just a few clicks. Edit and monitor your maps from a single, secured, WYSIWYG online environment.

Wemap delivers, for all your projects

From a no-code, plug & play map to large-scale map integrations with multiple applications, the Wemap platform has everything you need.


Your interactive maps provide a superior experience, on any environment.






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Our professionnal devtools to build with interactive maps, with no hassle.


Wemap Engine


Wemap Pro




High-end service for all your maps







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