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« I didn't know my favorite player was signing autographs right down the street from my house! »


« Free food? Yes please. I stopped in on the way to work to grab a donut after the win last night. »


« Would have never known there was a watch party so close without seeing it on this map. »

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« Road trip! Visiting London through the eyes of my favorite player was the best way to explore the city »


« Seeing fans show their love for my alma mater around the world makes me proud to be an alum »


« It's awesome to get all the info from all the fan clubs in one place. There's so much more going on than I thought. »

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« Driving to the game, I made sure to stop at Chevron since I know they support my school »


« I booked an Uber for the watch party directly from the map! »


« I was looking to join a local soccer club and this made it so easy »

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