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Welcome to the future of mapping: Wemap leverages the most advanced technologies so that you can provide the best experience with maps, search, navigation and augmented reality.

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Maps to better inform, to enrich your articles, to offer more services. More than half of...

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Inspiration, preparation and travel: maps to be the go-to-resource at each step. Like Air France and ...

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Local authorities

To provide a useful information on your area you need interactive maps. More than one on two regions in France use...

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Boost the visibility of your program with maps. More than 100 000 events have been promoted using...

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The first AR ready map, for all environments indoor and outdoor, both on the Web and on mobile

Give your audience a superpower with AR maps to explore the world around them and get the most natural navigation experience.

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immersive experience: orient your audience easily

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step-by-step navigation in augmented reality

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works seamlessly in indoor and outdoor environment

Wemap : an open technology, alternative to Google Maps and Mapbox

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Open Street Map

Wemap is a member of the Open Street Map community. Our interactive maps are built with Open Street Map data, an open source Google Maps alternative.

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Open AR Cloud

Our suite of devtools (API Js/API Rest, SDK Android et IOS) give you superpowers to create and integrate maps with your content on your channels.

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