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Touristic map: a must-have tool

Personalized touristic map

Showcase points of interest, shops, events, itineraries

Indoor or outdoor: city, neighborhood or museum maps

Map for website, mobile app or tactile screen

Inform visitors with interactive maps

The Louvre museum installed a world map with all its paintings loans, on a tactile screen.

Interactive map on large touch screen

World map in several languages

Customized global, local or building map

Treasure hunts for your locations or for your territories

Animate your spaces with treasure hunts in augmented reality for all audiences

A unique and proven technology, combining interactive maps and augmented reality: more than 150 million views, and more than 70 customers

Expert content, produced by a reputed publishing house: Unique Heritage Media

A 'turnkey' product: one or more adventures on your territories, on your locations (including indoor), available in your application (SDK) or in a dedicated app

A complete service : creation and personalization of content, development and production of the game, support and maintenance

Our Partner

Quelle Histoire Aventures


Unique Heritage Media

Outdoor or Indoor

Public 8-12 years old

Unique Heritage Media is a leading group in cultural, historical and omnichannel content: books, magazines, websites and mobile applications

Open world or step by step adventures

Augmented Reality

Image Recognition and geotargeting


Quelle Histoire - Louvre Lens Aventures

Quelle Histoire© characters based treasure hunt game application

Illustration of man

An adventure on the theme of the Odyssey

Illustration of woman

With Augmented Reality

Illustration of old man

Creation of museum map

Inform your visitors with interactive maps

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