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Add Context

Wemap enables you to display your content in the most relevant of feeds, a map that channels your message, within your brand identity, allowing you to add the context of geography.

Bayou City Livemap
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    Offer maps as part of the amazing discovery experience

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    Users engage with your content with actionable pinpoints

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    Your audience can make a collection of your content

Add Services

Wemap goes where your audience goes, permitting you to accompany them as they explore a new city or discover hidden gems in their hometown while leaning on a trusted ressource for guidance.

Bayou City Livemap on iPhone
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    Your maps are fully web responsive

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    Your content when and where it's most useful

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    In real time

    Manage the conversation with your audience

Add Sales

Capture the value of your content by embedding your brand into a digital map for the first time. A map provides your sales team with a platform to sell into relevant, targeted digital maps for the first time.

Bayou City Livemap on Desktop and Mobile
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    Include contextual, geotargeted ads

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    Users engage with your content from the map with pinpoints

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    Open the floor to your partners, ambassadors or contributors

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