Wemap Platform

A full suite of tools to provide the best information service to your audience, easily

Offer the best experience - in all environments

Wemap Web

Our smart maps' web version

Wemap Mobile

iOS and Android versions available

Wemap AR

Augmented reality smart maps

Wemap Kiosk

Smart maps on public screens

Wemap Print

All our maps in high resolution to print

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Wemap provides a publishing tool to create and manage your maps, import or connect your content and manage your affiliate services. All with a few clicks.

Wemap Vectorial Map

Our suite of devtools (API Js/API Rest, SDK Android et IOS) give you superpowers to create and integrate smart maps with your content on your channels.

Wemap Vectorial Map

A service marketplace to offer the most convenient ones to your audience


Display content from users, pages or groups


Display tweets with pictures and videos from users


Display pictures and videos from users


Display videos from youtubers

RSS Feeds

Display content from RSS feeds

Google Sheets

Import content from a Google Spreadsheet


Import content from an Excel file


Import events from an iCal agenda


Import events from an Eventbrite agenda


Like any content on a smart map


Save any content on a smart map

Create a list

Create lists with content you want to keep


Share any content on social networks or by email


Get directions from a point to another

Wemap Print

All our maps in high resolution to print


Find an Uber ride in seconds

Your own service

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Your API

Import your own content from your API

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